Mission: Showcasing the use of creativity to transform fear, anger and aggression to compassionate action.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The children’s rhyme tells only part of the story. The words we use and the stories we tell ourselves and others are a powerful force in our lives. We may have been victims of these words and old stories. It is time to awaken to a new story that reflects our soul’s true purpose. Our new stories transform the tragedies and misfortunes of our lives into compassionate action. When we change our fear, anger, and aggression into creative energy we can face horrific personal circumstances and maintain a positive perspective.

Karen Lawrence and Mari Selby are the co-publishers of Of Sticks and Stones Press. Karen is the author of What My Heart Saw: Untangling Memory & How the Brain Heals. Mari is the author of  the poetry book Lightning Strikes Twice.

Mari is currently compiling a memoir/anthology – Cancer Tribe 101: Awakening the Hero Within. She has faced and survived cancer twice and states that whether we have had cancer ourselves or are the loving caregivers, we are members of the Cancer Tribe. Mari suggests that we can choose the path of victimhood, thinking we are fighting the battle of our lives, or we can choose to learn from this life-altering event. Her belief is that when we face our fears and keep moving forward, learning the lessons offered, we experience profound spiritual growth. Mari further suggests that when we focus on our spiritual growth as we face such a great challenge, we become heroes for ourselves and for those whose lives we touch. The stories in this anthology illustrate how each author learned from the experience of cancer in themself or in their loved one. Do you have a story to share? We are still accepting submissions. For guidelines and more information, contact Mari here in the comments section, on Facebook, or @selbyink on Twitter.

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