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Everyday Miracles

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 It’s July and there is an Amaryllis blooming in our backyard here in Staunton, VA. Amaryllis traditionally bloom inside in the winter and are one of the glories of the holiday season. The fact that this Amaryllis is blooming in July alone might not be perceived as a miracle. However, we had a hard winter with feet of snow, and this bulb was forgotten and left out in the flower bed. And miraculously it survived, and is in fact thriving. Stripey Amaryllis One’s story is one continuous miraculous circumstance. To me this is proof of a divine design, and that even plants have their own destiny not defined and outlined by us humans. Maybe this is a sign that nothing truly is impossible? Maybe we can be inspired by this story to reach for our seemingly impossible dreams?

This is the factual outline for Stripey Amaryllis One’s life story:

1. Bought for the holiday, in 2009, the first year the Stripey bloomed slightly after the holiday season.

2. The bulb was laid to rest through the winter in the basement.

3. The next spring Stripey was brought out and put into a pot and carefully nurtured along with others.

4. Brought inside in the fall Stripey Amaryllis One finally burst into glorious blooms in February.

5. The process of resting, and nurturing through the summer was repeated for a few more years. Each year the blooms would bubble out a little later. March seemed to be a favorite time.

6. Last year instead of keeping the bulbs in clay pots we put Stripey directly into the ground of one of the flower beds. We forgot to bring it in along with the others.

7. We noticed the stalk in June when we were tending the garden. Then blossoms appeared. For most of the month of June into July we loved Stripey Amaryllis One and it’s blooms.

Some say this story is impossible. Yet it happened as outlined here.

When we see signs from the universe of seemingly impossible things actually happening, how do we react? Do we shrug our shoulders say, “whatever”, or shout “that’s impossible, it can’t happen”? How are we to interpret Stripey Amaryllis One’s story? Do we accept that there must be a divine design, that certainly has more power than we do? By this simple plant surviving and thriving are we inspired and encouraged to reach for that impossible dream?

I am humbled by Stripey Amaryllis One. What a miracle to know her story and witness her presence. I am grateful for these everyday miracles. I am grateful that I can see miracles around me in profound situations, and simple ones also. How do you experience miracles in your everyday life?