A Womb with a View


Forty thousand women stand up and claim their wombs back!

The thunder of their drumming feet as they march,

the harsh echoes of their raucous cries

abruptly wakens people everywhere, in cities,

within verdant farmlands,

and in sleepy villages’ people’s nerves jump

and twitch from the shouting

“no more, you cannot have more of me!”

Forty thousand women and counting lost their wombs on the altars

of surgeons and oncologists, a sacrifice to pathologists labs

these bits of flesh keep being taken as if they don’t matter.

These women name it a war with women’s

creative centers stolen Cancer as a cover,

they shout, “we will do war no more”

they claim their bodies as forgiven territory, and

draw a bloody line that no hormone disruptor shall dare cross.

Forty thousand women and more dare researchers

to recognize the cure, a mirror for the earth’s ailments

“stop the pillage, stop the rape” shout the marching women.

A gulf of oil is awful enough, and daily chemicals in our food,

toxins in our water, and lies about beauty poison us.

No wonder Cancer has become such a predator of women,

profit is the weapon that penetrates hormonal cells,

and profit searches for solutions in labs and pharmaceuticals.

Forty thousand women and more are marching

their wrath is whirling through the air,

hurricanes and tornados sprout wherever they shout

“we want our bodies back!”

Their course is clear, the first step in a journey of transformation

together they will drum, and hum,

shout and stomp, whirl and dance a ritual of reclamation,

magic remembered, and never seen before.

Forty thousand women and more ululate, their awful cries

reach for their stars, draw down their allies,

open their arms, legs and hearts to welcome them home.

Their feet beat a timeless rhythm that quakes the earth,

their shouts, wake ancient stones

and the mountains move with compassion,

spark an alchemical process where earth meets sky

reshapes our bodies whole again.

Forty thousand women and one, walk serenely home

my body exchanges broken tapes for true recovery

I return to walk in the sunlight of the spirit

finally happy, joyous and free

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